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I'm a web developer with interactive & online project management experience who has spent the last 8 years working for key players in the media and journalism arena. Currently working to enhance the user experience on

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I have worked in online media and technology for over 8 years and have a degree in computer science. I'm currently a web developer at Gannett, but have spent much of my career as an interactive project manager for Scripps. I'm an audiophile with a vinyl addiction and I love cycling and doughnuts so much that I created DCDonutCrawl.

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I've spent the last 2 years as a web developer for a major media corporation. Before that, I was working as an interactive project manager in the same arena. I've highlighted just a few of the projects that I've managed as well as a few others where I've done some front-end development work.

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I'm not the biggest fan of talking about myself, but you're probably here because you want to know more about me. Since that's likely the case, I've included a few things that some of my colleagues and business partners have said about me. This is just a sample, but you can find more on my LinkedIn profile.

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The bulk of my professional career has been spent as an interactive and online project manager. For over 6 years I have effectively collaborated with and lead teams through the entire project life cycle across multiple, national websites. Specific work includes requirements gathering, outlining the goals and strategy for each product/project, and working directly with the UX teams, designers, and engineers building the solution. My background in computer science blended with my business and sales insight gives me a unique advantage to act as a liaison and communicator between the developers and stakeholders.

Most recently, I have transitioned into more of a development role and spent the last 2+ years sharpening my programming skills while working with an incredible team of developers to build new features and enhancements on numerous, high-profile websites. Writing code has felt like coming home. I spend my days creating clean and efficient HTML, CSS, and JavaScript solutions for and a collection of other local newspaper and local television broadcast websites. In addition to developing and perfecting the user experience on our websites, other responsibilities include; collaboration with designers and software engineers, defining project scope and implementation requirements, and performing user testing and research.

On a more personal note, I love design and photography. I'm a sucker for storytelling and documentary film. I like finding new music and prefer vinyl to digital. I successfully organized and have maintained the DCDonutCrawl. My favorite thing to do is travel and I've visited 6 countries outside of the United States. I love to bike, snowboard, and hike, but you'll also find me holed up with a book or researching new trends in tech and web development.

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  • Your Take - User Generated Content for

    Your Take - UGC for

    Online, content is king. I worked as the lead front-end developer to bring the user-generated content piece of to life using clean HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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  • Newspaper Website Relaunch

    Newspaper Website Relaunch

    Worked as the Technology Lead on a team to relaunch multiple local newspaper websites in a short amount of time. There were incredible amounts of data and very short deadlines.

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  • Gamification of

    Gamification of

    In 2011, there was a lot of buzz around gamification. I managed a large project over the course of 9 months to implement game dynamics on one newspaper website as a test market.

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  • Email Marketing Transition

    Email Marketing Transition

    With a business strategy of an annual $1M in revenue, I was tasked with finding and implementing a new email marketing solution across 15 online newspaper properties.

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  • Entertainment Redesign

    Entertainment Redesign

    The entertainment sites for some of our newspaper properties were in need of an entire redesign. In addition to changing the look and feel of the site, we also upgraded the base templates to match the rest of our sites.

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  • Project Dispatch

    Project Dispatch

    Local elections for the city of Knoxville were only 4 weeks away. Despite the quick turnaround, I developed a complete homepage redesign so that the Knoxville News Sentinel would be the source for election coverage.

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I consider myself lucky to have worked with Erik in both his role as project manager, as well as user interface developer at Scripps. Erik’s the kind of person that excels at whatever he works on. He’s dependable and has a lot of drive to see a job well done. As a PM, he often went well beyond what was expected of him and would do whatever it took to make sure the project went smoothly. He’s excellent at facilitating communication, something you would quickly realize if you were working on a project that did not include him as PM.

One of the great things about Erik is that he’s always willing to get in there and learn new things and take on new challenges. This is extremely evident in his transition to UI development. Erik was quickly able to pick up the skills he needed to jump in on developing the front-end of our products. His amazing eye and patience for detail makes him an invaluable asset on the implementation side of things. Within the UX team, Erik brings some great insights to our brainstorming and problem solving sessions. Added on top of that, he’s not afraid to volunteer for whatever needs to be done. Anybody would be lucky to have Erik as part of their team.

Sara - User Experience Specialist, Interactive Design @ E. W. Scripps (colleague)

Erik was an outstanding business partner for us. From our initial talks straight to the final contract signing, Erik managed the timeline and project deliverables with clarity and a good sense of urgency. Erik communicated regularly, keeping all the players on the same page, and working through the road bumps. He also is very organized so we always knew where we were in the process. It was a pleasure to work with Erik.

Manolo - Co-Founder @ IndexTank (business partner)

Erik is a great project manager with excellent people skills. His open communication style helps create a positive energy to his project teams. He is conscientious and well organized, which helps keep his projects on track and on budget. He's proactive and not afraid to reach out to others and ask questions. Above all, Erik is a pleasure to work with and inspires trust and a spirit of teamwork in his colleagues.

Amy - Director of Online Operations @ E. W. Scripps (colleague)

I've had the pleasure to work with Erik in two different capacities during my time with both The Commercial Appeal and E.W. Scripps: Erik the Project Manager and Erik the UI Developer.

As a project manager, Erik is second to none. Unless you've spent time in the newspaper industry's digital divisions, you don't know what it truly means to manage a project. Dealing with publishers, editors, sales managers, developers and UX specialists, Erik had to shepherd projects from beginning to end that spanned multiple websites and had to meet requirements and deadlines set by groups with different agendas. Through it all, he improved products, met deadlines and facilitated strong channels of communication.

As a UI Developer in our UX group, Erik has not only excelled in code, but has an innate understanding of the user and has been a key member during strategic meetings and conversations. When he shifted from his role as a PM to his new role as a UI Developer, he was off to the races, picking up our templating system and jQuery libraries with ease. He also has an amazing eye for detail, something any designer will tell you is integral in a UI Developer.

Beyond all that, though, he's been my partner in crime for front-end development. Bounce an idea off of him; it will come back better. Ask for help finding and fixing a bug; a solution will be found.

He's an absolute joy to work with. An amazing Web professional by any definition, in any role.

Bryan - User Experience Specialist @ E. W. Scripps (colleague)
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