Erik Luchauer

I’m passionate about storytelling. Having worked in and around newsrooms for the better part of two decades, I have endeavored to help journalists get more eyes on the stories they tell with the help of clean and efficient SEO.

I am currently working as a product manager of Web Performance at REI Co-op. In this role, I have narrowed my focus under the SEO umbrella to improving site speed across our digital offerings. With a background in computer science and interactive project management, I’m able to bridge the gap with developers and stakeholders, while still advocating for search optimization goals as a subject matter expert. Here’s my full resume if you’re looking for more.

Outside of work, I love live music and learning about new bands. I’m also a fan of peaty Islay scotch and enjoy learning about whiskies. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I like to spend time in the mountains and waterways with my family. My love of cycling and donuts led to the creation of the DC Donut Crawl, a bike event that I started when we lived in Washington, DC.