Erik Luchauer

I’m passionate about optimization and helping teams create better products faster and easier. As the Product Manager of Web Performance at REI Co-op, it was my responsibility to make our front-end experience fast and enjoyable for our customers. While Core Web Vitals and other metrics were key results that our team was measured against, we also worked with our internal front-end development community to identify areas where backsliding might occur. We partnered with cross-functional teams to build performance budgets that were custom-tailored to each microsite and would allow each team to focus on the metrics that mattered most to them. We also established and cultivated a culture of performance at the co-op, turning many of our goals into first- and third-party imperatives.

Before Web Performance, my focus was on Search Engine Optimization and improving the technical SEO of the product and search pages for REI. I have also worked in and around newsrooms for the better part of two decades, and have endeavored to help journalists get more eyes on the stories they tell with the help of clean and efficient SEO.

With an additional background in computer science and interactive project management, I’m able to bridge the gap with developers and stakeholders, while still advocating for performance and SEO goals as a subject matter expert. Here’s my full resume if you’re looking for more.

Outside of work, I love live music and learning about new bands. I’m also a fan of peaty Islay scotch and enjoy learning about whiskies. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I like to spend time in the mountains and waterways with my family. My love of cycling and donuts led to the creation of the DC Donut Crawl, a bike event that I started when we lived in Washington, DC.