I’m not the biggest fan of talking about myself, but you’re probably here because you want to know more about me. Since that’s likely the case, I’ve included a few things that some of my colleagues and business partners have said about me. More on my LinkedIn profile.

I find Erik to be one of the most professional, mature and humble colleagues I’ve worked with. He goes above and beyond in anything he does and is an excellent communicator. Erik has a unique blend of front-end development skills, SEO expertise, and product management knowledge, which shows his adaptability and well-roundedness.

Kristin DeRamus, Senior Product Manager

Erik has a unique and highly valuable skill set. He is an SEO expert with the development and technical chops as well as the product management experience to back that expertise up.

Erin Sansone, Program Manager

Erik’s the kind of person that excels at whatever he works on. He’s dependable and has a lot of drive to see a job well done. He’s excellent at facilitating communication, something you would quickly realize if you were working on a project that did not include him as PM.

Sara Telfer, Senior Product Designer

Unless you’ve spent time in the newspaper industry’s digital divisions, you don’t know what it truly means to manage a project. Dealing with publishers, editors, sales managers, developers and UX specialists, Erik had to shepherd projects from beginning to end that spanned multiple websites and had to meet requirements and deadlines set by groups with different agendas. Through it all, he improved products, met deadlines and facilitated strong channels of communication.

Bryan Robinson, Design Strategist and Front-end Developer